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Gas prices

Wow. I've actually started putting money in a sock (litterally) each month to save up some gas money when bow season starts. I have an old F-150 that I pretty much only drive for hunting and hauling firewood. I stretched our budget last fall because of gas prices. It would appear they'll be significantly higher this comming year. Anybody else doing that?

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Gas prices

We have been making a budget every month, but the good thing is the place where I bow hunt is on my way to work so I can leave the house early and hunt on my way to work or hunt on the way home for work.

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Gas prices

We decided to not do a lottery hunt in my area, and now i'm glad. It was a 2 hr drive to the area, and sleeping arrangements were 30 minutes away. there was also a lo tof driving for misc stuff. WE will be hutning close to home in stead.

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Gas prices

Definately hunting close to home this year. I've cut out all trips except one. My brother in law is also a hunting buddy and lives in PA and its my turn to travel this year. So I'm flying, not driving this time.

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Gas prices

I got a line on a good bull.....so gas could be 5 bucks a gallon and I am still going after him.

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Gas prices

Yes we are paying more for fuel up here, but there is nothing that will stop my hunting.
The main concern among most folks up here is fuel oil. That is what most folks heat there homes with. We go thru about 250 gals in my home about every 3 weeks. Its around 900 for a tank and they say it may be 1500 this winter.
We installed a pellet stove and put insulation wraps on the pipes. We also have a fireplace and collected wood this spring and summer. I have 7 tons of pellets in my garage. We heat from Oct thru April.
We also bought a used car that gets 27mpg and kept the truck for the winter and hunting season.
I think many smart people are doing whatever they can to reduce there fuel usage. The true tough thing in the Northeast is not the extra 100 bucks a week for fuel in the car, its where do we get the extra 500 bucks a week for heat!!

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