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Don't need to draw a tag..

If you come to AK. But you do need to be guided if you are a non-resident

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Also I don't know the full details but in MT they have, I think two untis that sell over the counter bighorn sheep tags. They are unlimited tag untis and they allow like 2 or 3 rams to be taken and then the season closes. The catch is the areas are very ruff and remote. I looked in to it a couple years ago and as I remember the units are in or around Bighorn Canyon N.R.A, and the east boarder of Yellowstone N.P. MT fish and wildlife website has info on these hunts and the price of the tags is cheap, in comparison to that of ID and WA non resident tag prices but you have to get in and get one before anyone else. Also I don't think it is a once in a life time tag either. If any one else knows more about this fell free to fill in the blanks. Hope this helps.

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All 4 Montana unlimited areas border Yellowstone Nat Park. For the two that border on the North east end, bring horses. Hiking in this area is VERY difficult, though it can be done by folks with a smaller waist line than I boast. It is Wilderness area, very rough and you are not allowed to take anything with wheels, including game carts. If you have or know someone who has horses, go for it. For the other two, I dont know a whole lot about the area, but am willing to bet you a dollar to your dime that the same holds true. I would hold off, cause the success % is very low. I would say a 10 year success rate average of all four would be in the low teens, but that is a rough guess, and may be skewed on the high end because of years with a 30-50% success rate when they were only giving 2-4 tags. If you want to "just go hunting", then let'er buck in one of these areas. If you want a quality ram, build up your preferance points, and wait. I live in MT., and I thought about those areas, but decided to wait and go when my success odds were a whole lot better. Odds aside, I also dont think a single B & C ram has been taken out of these areas. Perhaps a few, but the better rams (90% or more) in the last 20 years are coming out of other areas, mainly in the west/north west part of the state. Not that I necessarily care about the book, but I do want a quality ram. And, you never know, you may get lucky. A co-worker who is on his seven year wait, (drew a tag 3 or 4 years ago) has an 18 yr old brother who put in for the first time for the 2005 hunt and bagged a 194 and change inch ram (It will be in B & C). I have seen the mount, and it is beautiful. Heavily broomed, or he would have easily went over 200. You just never can tell.

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Idaho didn't adopt a point system. What i have seen is that units with high odds of getting drawn don't have big rams. Units with low odds of getting drawn have big rams. I hunted in unit 26 in idaho and scored with a ram that scrored 156. no where near record book but i got drawn the first year i put in. Unit 11 on the other hand if you don't come out with a book ram you screwed up. that tag at auction went for $190,000.

I am trying to gain bonus or preference points in all the states that have desert tags.

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