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Game Studies

Revisions of rump fat and body scoring indices for deer, elk, and moose

Effects of density dependence on diet composition of North American elk Cervus elaphus and mule deer Odocoileus hemionus: an experimental manipulation

Effect of Archer Density on Elk Pregnancy Rates and Conception Dates sei-redir=1& scholar%3Fas_ylo%3D2010%26q%3Dstarkey%2Bdeer%2Belk %26hl%3Den%26as_sdt%3D0%2C5#search=%22starkey%20de er%20elk%22

Spatial Distributions of Mule Deer and North American Elk: Resource Partitioning in a Sage-Steppe Environment

Birth-site selection and predation risk of Rocky Mountain elk .pdf

A Brief Review of the Scientific Literature on Elk, Roads, & Traffic

Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) Behavior and Movement in Relation to Lunar Phases.

Roosevelt Elk Habitat Assessment in the Skokomish Game Management Unit
(List of High Quality Forage Species)

Cougar Predation Study