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game meat

Can anyone out there tell me when i shoot and tag a moose,,or other big game animals and then butcher it up in my hunting camp,,then rap it and freeze it,,is this legal???? Think wayne.

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game meat

I would check the state's or province's rules for that. It may vary, but usually you must keep some portion that identifies what sex the game was, and of course keep the tag. Should keep the rack too, to prove it was legal. In most states when transporting game, the tag must be attached to that game animal, regardless of whether its gutted, skinned or butchered.

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game meat

As Cowgal said that would be a provincial law. Saskatchewan uses a two-tag system, for every licence you're issued a meat seal and a head/hide seal. The meat seal must remain affixed until butchering, the head/hide seal must remain affixed until min 31 Mar.

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