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Game camera questions

hey guys and gals Im the new guy on the block and I was wondering if anyone would share their knowledge about cameras. I am looking to buy one and Im wondering if more money equals better cameras. I am looking at cuddie back, moultrie, and one from bushnell. Any input would be greatly appreciated or if there is a different camera I should look at please let me know

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Game camera questions

Welcome bigdaddy Big smile
My experience only comes from two cameras and they are of the cheaper variety. First is the old 35 mm Stealth Cam and the second being the Moultrie Game Spy 100 2.1MG. I've had one camera stolen and can't bring myself to buy one of the more costly ones only to have it swiped. If I were to buy a "better" one it would be a Cuddeback, better trigger speed and better battery life than my setups.
But I have gotten pretty good results from the cameras I have used. You can take a look at some of my pics on post I've made of cam pics in the Whitetail section. There are several tricks to getting good pics and keep from getting alot of blank pictures.
Any more info let me know Thumbs up

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Game camera questions

I have no experiance with them but friends of mine have . What they have found is that the ones with flash somtimes scares the wild life deer ect and they dont come back. I was told to get one with the ifared (sp) so as to not scare every thing off ware you place the camera. I imagine this isn't the case every ware but just pasing on what i"v been told.

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Game camera questions

First of all welcome to the site bigdaddy1

In my own experiance I've found that trigger speed, battery life, and clarity are the main things to look for. As far as flash verses infrared thats a topic thats still under research. I've personally never had a problem with the flash models scaring the deer but I have talked to others that think it does so its still up in the air. Of course cost is an issue for most of us especially since gas is so damn expencive now. Just try to stay within your budget with the model with the fastest trigger speed and clarity and you should be fine. Most of all have fun and good luck out there.

Also do your best to conceal the device so noone can see it easily. As far as all these lock downs out there for game cameras forget it. A lock will just keep an honest person honest. A thief will get it anyway so save your money there.