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I made my first DIY hunt about 27 years ago, i learned after my first trip to never camp real high, i always try to camp between 6000' and 7000', and if i need to go higher, i will just get up a little earlier, and drive up.


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Doing as you say would be

Doing as you say would be nice if you were capable of doing it.  But in the original post he mentioned that he is doing a drop camp which usually means that the outfitter is taking him into a area and then leaving him, not to come back in until later.  So I doubt that the original poster will have the luxury to be able to camp lower and drive up higher if necessary, he'll be stuck where the outfitter puts him until he comes back to pack him out.  That is where I would check with the outfitter just to see what his plans are if the weather turns bad, either that or pack more whiskey for while I am waiting for the outfitter. 

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This is why i've grown fond

This is why i've grown fond of the muzzleloader season. Nice weather, you know where the elk are, and you'll be in the rut, or close to it.

What's not to like? Other than it's getting harder to get the tag. I wonder why?  Big smile

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Congrats on 30 years!

I just wanted to say congrats on 30 years as a lineman! Thats quite an accomplishment in such a dangerous and physically demanding job. I have been a lineman for 13 years but don't know if I will make it 30. If you ever need any help getting an elk hunt in the future I would be more than happy to help you out as I am also an outfitter. I know lineman aren't rich so I will help you at no charge.

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Thanks T. O. Where do you

Thanks T. O. Where do you work ?  The time has flown by and if I survive this trip I will keep that in mind. Thank you to everyone for the advice, all is appreciated. We are doing the fourth rifle because thats the only time I can get everyone together. As  far as the weather we will have to deal with it. And the tent does have a heater in it. Thanks guys. Thumbs up

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Good Luck

GA. Dad I am here in northern NM near Chama. Good luck on your hunt. I'm sure just being able to get away with your sons will make the trip well worth it even if you have to fight some snow.

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We got our tags and will be headed west in Nov. Thanks guys for the advice and well wishes. Time to work on getting all the gear together.


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