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G13 Tag Filled! First Deer Finally!

We got up there early, and we started glassing. Spotted a buck and doe, so I started to put a stalk on them I got about half way up towards them, and I was busted. My buddy tells me the doe went over the hill. So I come down and we wait and glass. The buck stayed put, We watched him for a bit, then were moving to another spot to glass. my buddy spots a doe about 50yards away, so I crawl into position, lay the gun flat on the ground and let the bullet fly. 30-06 round to the lungs, and I have my first deer on the ground. I wish it would have been the buck I almost shot in AZ, but I will take it as to not have to eat more tag soup.

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A big congratulations on your

A big congratulations on your first deer!!! A buck would have been great like you said but a doe is a great trophy as well. Getting your first one is great and will fuel your desire even more for next year. My first was actually a button buck fawn but I nearly collapsed with excitement.

Congratulations again and thanks for sharing hte picture with us.

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Thanks man. Yeah I am pretty stoked to fill the freezer. I took the time to learn to process my own game as well,  and I cut all the meat and ground the burger, made sausage (ate some this morning, so good), and I even made dogfood and smoked the bones for the dogs.

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Congrats on your first deer!

Congrats on your first deer!

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Congrats on your first deer.

Congrats on your first deer. Thumbs up

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hey jester congrads on your

hey jester congrads on your first deer

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Hey thanks guys. Sure is good eating. I'm hooked.

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Awesome Jester!  I think I

Awesome Jester!  I think I already commented on the local site!  You will never forget your first, whether it's a doe, or a big 5x5 buck!  She is going to taste great!

I ate tag soup with my G-13 this year.  Saw a buck, but no doe.  That's always how it happens.


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First deer

Congrats on the first of many to come!  Good Job!

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Good Job

Applause Good job. I'm hoping to get my first next year. Good luck


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