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Future Moose Hunt

I am currently in the process of moving to Dillingham Alaska where I will be teaching fifth grade. I plan on doing some moose hunting once I get my feet on the ground. I have a Kimber Montana 8400 in 300 wsm. I need advice on a factory load that will do the job on a moose. I anticipate shooting anywhere from 50 to 400 yards. I want a good factory load that will cover this distance any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Find a box of factory rounds

Find a box of factory rounds and start shooting them.  Moose are not hard to kill, they just don't know that they are dead when the bullet hits them.  Just about round from 165 grains up will do in a moose if you the hunter does your part.  Now for what factory rounds shoot accuratly out of your rifle is a different question but remember you are hunting and you don't need sub MOA accuracy our of a hunting rifle.  If you can shoot a 6"circle at 400 yards with any ammo it will be fine for a moose.

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I would suggest a 200 gr load

I would suggest a 200 gr load for any 300 mag. Problem is with cup and core bullet's, the high velocity tends to destroy the bullet at closer ranges. The heavier 200  gr bullet will rein in the velocity but still have more oomp than say a 30-06. Of course you could go to premium ammo. Can't tell you much about it, I don't shoot anything but cup and core bullet's. Having the ability to launch the bigger heavier bullet at velocities very suitable, that's the way I would go. 

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i agree

Congrats on the move and the new job.  Color me jealous


I agree that just about any factory load 180 grains and heavier should drop bullwinkle nicely. DO NOT shoot him in the water!

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Bullet Selection

I'm a little late to the party but ill throw my two cents in and also extend my congratulations on your move to Alaska. 

Your job is to find a bullet your rifle likes. I'd try the Barnes TSX and TTSX first of it were me. Aim for the shoulder and bring home the meat. I'd rather lose some meat versus an animal but that's a topic for another discussion. In your caliber, 300 WSM, I'd look at the 165, 168, and 180 grain offerings and shoot what shoot best in my rifle. 


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Future Moose Hunt

My two Shiras bulls each dropped to single 180 grain Nosler Partition bullets from my .30 Gibbs (an improved .30-06) shot just behind their shoulders.  Almost instant kills, and very little meat loss.

If I ever get to hunt moose again, I'll probalby use my .300 Weatherby with 180 grain TSX bullets.

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I like 200 grain swift A's

I like 200 grain swift A's ... but like mentioned earlier moose are easy to put down ... it is the OTHER things around that I use a 200 grain bullet for!  Like a 1000# griz at 10yds and it is good on spruce hens as well.

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1000# griz

Gilliland440 wrote:

... it is the OTHER things around that I use a 200 grain bullet for!  Like a 1000# griz at 10yds ...

I see this reasoning ever so often on various hunting forums.  Yes, there are occasional encounters with elk, moose, and other big game hunters with grizzlies, but they are very rare, and I think that your chances of winning the lottery are greater than encountering a 1000# griz in the lower 48.

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future moose hunt

I lived in Alaska for many years and have taken about 13 moose. The first 5 with a 30-30 165gr Aframes two with twelve gage slugs and the rest with 308win with barns x 150gr. My recommendations is buy several boxes of premium amo 165-180 grains and hunt with whatever your rifle shoots best.

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