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Future brown bear hunt.

Hello everybody I'm Rick. I'm new to the forum. One of my dreams has been to go on a brown bear hunt with my father soon before he gets to old to do it. He lived in Alaska back in the 50's when he was a kid and loved it there. He's been a hunter all of his life but we've never gone hunting together. He lives in California and I live in Houston Texas. Within the last two years I've started investing in my rifle collection. The first was a Savage .17 cal HMR. Awesome accuracy at 100 yards. My pellet gun has more recoil than it does. The next purchase was a Remington 700 SPS .300 Winmag and a Leupold VX 3-9X50mm Scope. It's a cannon with a ferocious recoil. After a few sessions at the range getting the scope sited in I got used to the recoil and it's not bad. The 3rd was a Sig Sauer 516 Gen 2 AR-15. It's chambered for 5.56X45 FMJ but will shoot .223 also. It's a blast to shoot. My 12-14 year old daughters handle it no problem. I bought the .300 WM for the future brown bear hunt. I bought the AR for the ferral helicopter hog hunts that have become very popular in Texas. My hunting experiance is very little but I've wasted no time going for it. My first hunt was on my buddies property and I shot a 175lb ferral hog at about 200 yards in a clearing with the .300WM. The lesson I learned was that was just way to much gun for that small of an animal. I used a 180 grain Winchester silver tip. It blew an exit hole the size of a football in that hog with broken ribs sticking out of it. It was truly ugly! The second was a Helicopter hog hunt with the AR. I have to say that was the most fun I've had. Man those pigs can run fast. It's quite a challange hitting a running target from a Helicopter. I was able to take as much meat as I wanted and the rest gets donated to charity. Those things breed so fast that hunting alone is not enough to make a dent in the population but it has created a booming business for hunting them. I know that a brown bear hunt is a whole different ball game. But I definitely want to do it and create some great memories.

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well welcome to BGH! Hope you

well welcome to BGH!

Hope you make that trip with your dad, Alaska is a great place. When you get away from civilization, you'll understand the meaning of wilderness.

What bullet dod you hit that hog with? I'd choose a bullet carefully for a brown bear. Most guy's vote for the 180gr in a 300win mag; I like the 200gr. If I had one, that is the only bullet I'd use in it.

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Thank you. It was a 180 grain

Thank you. It was a 180 grain Winchester silver tip. The ones on the far right. The largest I've at Bass pro shops are 180g I know you can get larger grain for the WM. I'd probably have to look around. There a neighbor down the street from me. His garage is all setup to do reloads. He said if I buy the dies that he'll get me setup to do my own reloads. He's been doing it for 25 years. That might be the way to go.

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