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Fusion Ammo

I have used the Fusions out of my .270wsm with great results on deer. They shoot really good out of my rifle as well. My father shot a 4x5 raghorn bull with his .270wsm, 150gr fusions head on at 80 yards. Bullet entered right at the base of the bulls throat and we found the bullet resting against the hide on the right ham. Almost complete penetration lengthwise on a elk. I think it would do the trick if needed, but with that being said we both have switched to 140gr Accubonds as our all purpose round for hunting. Thumbs up

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Fusion Ammo

I have shot the Fusions in 180 gr out of my .308 and love the accuracy on the bench. Took them elk hunting last year but didn't get a chance to try them, only saw a spike...

If you are worried about penetrating/knock-down power look at the Federal Vital-Shok loads. The Fusions are made by Federal too of course, so you could find similar loads with different bullets. For example the Vital-Shock high energy .308 round has nearly identical ballistics [according to Federal], but you can get Nosler Partitions in that load, just a thought...

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