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Funny Story

Ok, it is the last weekend of southern NY's ML season and we finaly have snow. Out I go and am on watch well before light. 9:00 am I have seen nothing and it's a bit cold. So I head down the rd to a spot I know where there is a nice litle still hunt. It is a long tractor trail through a big thicket, then along the edge of a field to the woods and follow a swamp edge through the woods back to the rd. I am carrying my Savage 10ML in line ML with a 245 gr barns expander on top of the charge. In the woods I am following a bunch of crow going nuts. Figger I will find a dead deer some one lost and see if it has horns. As I am sneaking along I hear ice break to my right along the swamp and I drop to kneeling position. Out steps a monster! He has hight, width and mass. I am looking at it saying to myself " this is the biggest deer I have ever seen while hunting". 40 yds broad side, crosshairs behind the sholder and "POP" the 209 primer gos off. ? I am in a little shock as he walks away then a small scrub buck walkes buy in his tracks. I look behind the small buck and see more movement so open the bolt and am fumbling while I change out the primer. So another 70 inch class buck walkes by as I am doing this folled by about a 100inch class deer right there when I close the bolt. I pull up aim and "POP" again. The sinking feeling in my gut says "hey stupid, your guns not loaded". I pull my ramrod and check. My gut is correct, I am out hunting with an empty gun! Brick Wall,)
What else to do but start laughing at myself Laugh . I had just "assumed that it was still loaded from the northerntier early ML season back in Oct. Now I am wondering if I carried it for 3 days up there empty Think .
Think I need some Ginko-Biloba. What an idiot I am, but a true sportsman letting those 4 deer walk to get bigger next year Big smile

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Re: Funny Story

And I thought that stuff only happened to me Laugh

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Re: Funny Story

Good story!

That is hunting! The game has its chance, too because we are only human!



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Re: Funny Story

I feel your pain.

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