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Fun is where you find it!

Hi all, no pictures of me wrestling Red's or slaughtering Silka's today, instead something a bit closer to my heart - rabbit shooting!

Now I think that if you can stalk rabbit successfully with an air rifle, then that's a pretty good grounding for most every other kind of stalking, just with a lighter weopon, besides, most lion hunts I go out on turn into Rabit hunts at some point, may as well face up to it, fun really is where you find it!

The hound in the picture BTW isn't a hunting dog - he's my fat old Staffie-cross who loves the smell of rabbit of an evening!

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Fun is where you find it!

Looks like dinner Thumbs up
Coming home with a brace of rabbits is a good end to a day for sure.

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Fun is where you find it!

Hello from Germany!

Waidmanns Heil to these nice couple of rabbits.

That will be fine eating! Any kind of game is a trophy!



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Fun is where you find it!

nice pics, wish we had more rabbits/hares around here to hunt. Love the taste of wild rabbit

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