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Full Service Guided Big Game Hunts in Idaho

We have a few dates available for spring 2012 bear season as well as some opportunities to hunt multiple species of big game this fall without paying extra because you have elected to buy more than one tag. Should you be lucky enough to harvest more than one animal on a hunt there is a $500 handling fee for a second animal but there is no upfront combo hunt fee. Game available on fall hunts includes elk, whitetail, mule deer, black bear (all color phases), mountain lion, wolf and moose however you must contact us for application information prior to the April application period in order to hunt moose. Contact me to find out how you can hunt all six of our over the counter tag species for less than you would expect. We are fortunate in the fact that wolves did not have a chance to get established in our area prior to the hunting season on them being established. We have a few now but they did not get the chance to devastate our big game in this region and now that we have full management I am confident that we will continue to enjoy good hunting for years to come.

I am a full time outfitter and guide who has worked in the industry for over ten years. Recently I have expanded my role from being strictly a guide to being an outfitter as well. Many of the clients that I guided have supported me by booking hunts with me now that I have started outfitting hunts myself, for a list of references just send me an email at plottpower@gmail.com. Not only have I guided in my outfitting area for years but I have hunted there since I was a boy and with 25 years hunting this spectacular area I have intimate knowledge of the terrain, animals and hunting methods. I am a native of this area and a lifelong hunter who has focused almost exclusively on big game hunting, I have been using hounds for bear and lion hunting for my entire life or at least since I followed my dad after a bear when I was 4 years old, about 15 years ago I started baiting bears as well, I bugled in my first bull about 20 years ago, I guess what I am trying to say is I know my business and can provide expertise in outfitting & guiding you will rarely find in a 36 year old individual. I have a family run business along with my wife of 10 years. All of my guides are people I have known for years so you don't have to worry about being placed with someone from a different state that is fresh out of a guide school.

Leon Brown

P.O. Box 291

Naples, Idaho 83847




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Fall & Winter 2012 Dates Still Available

 Well we had a good spring bear season despite less than favorable conditions in the early part of the season that resulted in tough hunting we still came through with an 80% opportunity rate. The highlight of the season was a very large boar that squared 7 1/2 feet that was taken with the hounds, this was a very exciting hunt and one beautiful bear. The next day another beautiful bear was taken and that pair of hunters had a short but exciting 2 day bear hunt under their belt.

We still have some great fall dates available for 2012. The last week in September is completely full and the opening week of elk rifle season I only have 1 opening left so things are filling in a bit but we can still accommodate archery or rifle hunters for whitetail, mule deer, elk or bear and there is always the small chance of an incidental lion or wolf on a fall hunt.

We also have late season whitetail rut rifle hunts and December archery deer & elk combo dates available as well as some open lion hunting dates December through March in Nevada or Idaho.

Check us out at www.clarkforkoutfitters.com or contact me directly.

Leon Brown 208-290-3087 or plottpower@gmail.com

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