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Full Moon Encounter

Couple weeks ago I was hunting the edge of a cut corn field, saw doe and small buck, waited till dark and began to exit. The moon had justed started coming up nice and full. The field is about 500 yds long and I'm stumbling over corn stalks and cussing while closing in on the end of the field I notice something that looked like a patch of weeds up ahead in the moon light. I continue on not giving it much thought when it dawns on me, why would there be a patch of weeds in the middle of a cut corn field Think At 12 yds I stop and realize this is no weed as it stomps and circles around now standing about 8 yds, now I'm realizing I'm nose to nose with a wide racked buck while I'm carrying my bow up on my shoulder, I might have looked like a wide racked buck myself. Thinking back to the video seen here, with the guy getting his butt whipped by a buck, I decide I better let him know what I am. Luckily he finally got a whiff of me and pranced off in the opposite direction. Where was this dude when I was in my stand eye roll Hopefully we'll come nose to nose again in different circumstances Big smile

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