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A friendly reminder...

...of how fast things can happen in the woods. Yesterday, around mid-morning, I was starting to get a little tired and the elk weren't buggling much. I paused on a bench near the bottom of a canyon, stood there flat-footed without an arrow nocked and cow talked hoping to hear a buggle in return. Instead, I almost immediatly saw movement about 70 yards below me as a bull came straight up the hill toward me on the trot. I grabbed some cover, got an arrow out of the quiver. I had it nocked by the time he was about 20 yards away, but still comming. He stopped 10 yards away and looked around. At one point he looked directly at me, and then looked away. I was debating on what to do. His body language said that he was unaware that anything was amiss. I knew he'd at least look right at me if I drew, but thought maybe he wouldn't run. At any rate, I drew and, you guessed it, he wheeled and ran.

I usually nock an arrow and at least stand in a spot where I can take cover quickly before I call, but didn't that time. The moral to the story is that things can happen fast, so be ready. Darn it, could have had him!

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A friendly reminder...

I'm not a bow hunter but I think I know where you're comming from. I've spooked deer at close to a hundred yards by moving my thumb towards the safety on a rifle.
I realy like to hear the stories about the bow hunters taking game, or missing, as thats what is is really about: Hunting.
Thanks for the story Thumbs up

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A friendly reminder...

New to the sight but looking to learn about bow hunting and from others lessoned learned. I appreciate post like this to help me learn and think about simple little things like that.

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A friendly reminder...

Welcome to the forums.

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A friendly reminder...

Welcome to BGH Big smile I could write a book about lessons learned eye roll I believe you can find a lesson every time you step in the woods. Yes
I think I'll make a post about some of those lessons Think

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