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Friday the 13th Hog Down Video

This was a fun hunt.  I had not been back to the property for about 10 days, so the hogs had not been pressured in a while.  Walking in, I found sign in several places and there were pictures on the game cameras.  So it was just a matter of being patient.

Well, I almost missed out on my chance.  I had been doing my regular scans out of the blind and was watching a group of deer at the feeder in front of me.  I scanned left and then right, seeing nothing and then back to the deer that was gone!  I found one of them way up on the hill to my left and as I looked for the other deer and what had spooked them, I spied a fat looking deer through the foliage that turned out to be the hog.  He never came out of the woods and never went near the feeder.  In fact, he was headed away from it.  Fortunately, he stopped to do some rooting in a partially unobscured break in the woods...




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