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Free Ranging Texas Elk Hunts

We offer a very unique free ranging elk hunt in the mountains of the far West Texas region known as the Trans Pecos, near Sanderson, Texas. The Merriam's Elk subspecies was once native to this area, but is now extinct, killed out by settlers and miners in the 19th century. However, soon after in the early 20th century, ranchers and the game department saw the need to restore this herd and restocked the larger ranches with Rocky Mountain Elk.

This country is unique, mountain ranges up to 6500 feet rise up out of the Chihuahuan Desert, so though it is sparse, arid country on the flat desert floor, once you reach a few thousand feet, the environment changes dramatically, being similar to New Mexico's famed elk country. And like New Mexico, the bulls here grow big and on our ranch old and mature, as they are lightly hunted on this 400,000 acre spread. 6x6 bulls scoring over 300" BC are the norm, with bulls in around 350" BC harvested each year. Year before last, we took an 8x11 bull that was just unbelievable.

This is the least physically demanding free range elk hunt you can go on. You and your guide will cover the rugged country on off road dune buggies, glassing from vantage points to spot and then stalk your trophy. This hunt takes place during late September and early October, so the elk are rutting, making this a unique opportunity to rifle hunt during the bugle, so calling is also a method our guides use to get you on your bull. Success rates are 100%.

The pricing of this hunt is also unique, you only pay for what you harvest, at the the rate of $600 per point. So, a 6x6 is $7200, a very good price on a great hunt for great bulls. Meals, lodging, guiding, and field care are of course all included.

Contact us soon for more details on this hunt.

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