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Fred Trost on DVD


Many of us were saddened to hear of the passing of a true sportsman, Fred Trost. Fred shared with us, years of hunting and fishing on his television show.

Remember Big Buck Night, the recipe contests, Salmon speed filleting contests and the how-to episodes?

The old videos of his shows have been found and we're kicking around the idea of making a DVD's of his shows. No commercials... just Fred!

Is this something that we should keep pursuing?

Would you be interested in purchasing this DVD if it were available?

Any input would be helpful!

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Fred Trost on DVD

Looking for input:

I just met with a production man in Lansing. We discussed putting together a 4 DVD set of classic material.

What would help is if you could post that we are looking for suggestions of specific features and a theme for the first set of DVD's.

The first set will probably be four 1 hour DVD's that will be packaged segments and features of a specific theme such as "Family Outdoors", "Bowhunting", "Charter Fishing" etc. I am trying to pick something that would have a broad appeal and find out who the demographics would best fit.

In a nutshell we are trying to find what is the market for this to make sure if we produce it people will be interested. Currently we don't plan to sell complete episode sets as I am not sure if they would have a broad appeal.

Also 1/2 of most of the shows contain dated material such as the guides reports and news. We will offer sets of complete episodes if it appears there is a market in the future.

On the progress, we hope to have the first set available this fall I am trying to come up with the theme. I'm leaning towards something along the lines of "Comradarie in the outdoors" or "Bonding Outdoors". The features in the set then would be family, father son features etc.

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Fred Trost on DVD

I would love to see some of the old big buck night's and some of the old classic whitetail hunts.

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