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Francis Marion WMA SC

I'm brand new to the forum but figured I'd give it a shot to try and get some questions answered. I've lived in and hunted SC all my life and up until now have always hunted on leased land. This year money is super tight. So tight that if I plan on taking anything this season I'll need to be doing it on WMA. I've spent a little time in Woodbury but I've never hunted Francis Marion. Nor can I find any buddies who have. I live in PI so location wise FM is my best option. Anyway, I was hoping a SC WMA vet. could offer me some advice on some of the specifics out there. i.e. where to best access the land, areas that are least pressured, rules and regs as far as stands (I know there is no baiting or building of stands on trees but can I put up and keep up say a ladder stand?), checking game at stations?? etc. I'd REALY appreciate the help.

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Francis Marion WMA SC

Welcome to BGH Adam.

Don't lose patience, someone will be along shortly to answer your question.

As far as hunting WMA's goes, generally just a few hundred yards farther off of the road is plenty far enough away from the pressure that other hunters may put on deer and as usual, deer will show up in the darnedest of places and times.
Now for someone with a little knowledge about the basics of Francis Marion WMA and you'll be OK. Yes

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Appreciate the tip man. I'll keep hold'n out for a fellow SC hunter to help me out with the rest of the specs. In the meantime I had a friend of mine offer to let me take a crack at hunting a piece of his property out in Loris SC. Head'n out there next week to see if I can't stick one with the recurve.

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