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Franchi I-12 Available in MAX-4 HD

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Franchi I-12 Available in MAX-4 HD

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Franchi I-12 Available in MAX-4 HD

Sound like a Benelli or Beretta. In fact that's mainly what Franchi's are, because they are owned by Beretta.

I like Franchi's. They uses to represent an inexpensive affordable great quality Italian made shotgun, be it an autoloader or O/U. Today they are still the same quality as ever, just much more expensive.

I own a field grade Franchi Alcione O/U, it fits me great and I shoot it well. I wouldn't call it the best O/U out there, but for the money it's a good value and great gun. Plus it's also interchangeable with 20 gauge barrels if I choose to buy a 20 gauge set. Doesn't require any gunsmithing to do so, it's just a drop-in feature. I also like that it uses a mechanically set and operated trigger as opposed to a recoil set trigger used on most other double guns. Meaning that if you have a dud shell in the top barrel you can quickly fire the bottom barrel without having to tap the butt stock on the ground first. I had used it mainly as an upland bird gun, but I now only use it for breaking clays. For hunting I prefere mainly my Remington 11-87 autoloader, and sometimes my 870 Express pump in the field.