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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great looking buck. Thanks for the story and I am sure he will look great in your home. Look forward to seeing the mount once he is back from the taxidermist.

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Good job Critter. :thumpsup1:

Good job Critter. Thumbs up

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Nice buck! great story.

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Good Work

I just found your post. Looks like a pretty nice buck. I was hoping to see you posing with that 195" buck you told me about. I always loved hunting in the snow on a nice day. Congrats on your buck.

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I found out that there were a

I found out that there were a couple of the 195" bucks in the area. I saw the one that I was after the day before the hunt and backed out of the area so that I wouldn't disturb him and went and found another buck that was real nice. When I went back on the opening I found that there had been a couple of trucks and wheelers into his area after I had left him alone. As of today no one has seen him again so I am not sure if he was shot the day before or if he made it out. Another big buck was hanging about a mile from a main canyon. He had at least 4 other hunters after him that I know of and there were only 13 of us that had buck tags. Last week I saw a warden and was talking to him about the buck and he said that he was still alive and kicking down on the golf course. It appears that while everyone was looking for him up high he had moved down into the valley and was living on a abandoned farm with 20 or so does and a couple of small bucks. I guess that I'll have to get me a muzzle loader or archery tag next year for this unit and see if I can find him.

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That sounds about right, he

That sounds about right, he put his sun glasses on and his nose down and headed for lower elevation.
That would be sweet if you can have another crack at him. hopfully the draw odds are forgiving.

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Nice story and congrats buddy. That is a big bodied deer!

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Great buck!  Snow, rain, big

Great buck!  Snow, rain, big canyons, and multiple packing trips all make for a great memory.  It may be hard work while your packing but the pain will dissapear by next season and you will probably shoot another great animal in a deep canyon.  Hunter do crazy things like that but it is all worth it in the end.  Good luck to you this year.

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