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Fourth Season Deer Adventure

Well, my deer season ended this morning around 11 am when I shot my buck.  This morning we headed into a area that held a nice high but not too wide 4x4 buck but before we got there we jumped a larger buck on our way in.  He took off like a shot and was out of range before I could even think of taking him.  The rest of the morning was fruitless with us only seeing does and fawns.  At about 10:30 I decided to head into the canyon that the buck from the morning had headed into to see if I could find him.  Just as I got to the head of it I bumped a doe and two fawns out of the cedars.  I hiked about 50 yards and saw the ones that we had jumped and a few more does.  Then out of the bottom here came a huge buck.  The range was a little over 350 yards and was almost straight downhill and he was making tracks out of the area fast.  All I could see of his rack was one side which was a 4pt and I thought that it just might be the same buck from the morning.  I sat down on a rock and took a shot which turned him to the right.  The second shot connected low in the brisket and down he went out of sight.  I sat there wondering just where he had disappeared to and glassed the area where he should of been but I couldn't find him.  By this time my brother in law who had a knee replaced this last August had caught up with me.  I told him about the deer and that I wasn't sure of just where he was but that I was sure that he was down.  We watched for about a half hour and then I decided to hike over to the last place that I had seen him and take a look.  I got into the general area and a couple of magpies flew up and into a tree.  Just them my brother in law yelled at me that he could see the buck and that he was about 50 yards below me, right where the magpies had flown up from.  I headed down the hill and found him. 

He was the largest bodied deer that I have shot in a long time.  He looked like a spike bull elk the body was so huge.  I checked out the antlers and he turned out to be a nice 3x4 and not the deer from the morning but he is a nice buck.  After I had him cleaned I tried to drag him a ways in the snow to a tree but I couldn't budge him.  Now I am not a small guy.  I am 6'4" and 220lbs and trying as hard as I could I couldn't move him up the hill.  I ended up cutting him in half and getting each half to a tree about 100 yards away and away from the birds, and that is where he sits right now.  I'll head back in the morning with the pack frame to get him out.  I figure that it will be a long morning with a half mile to the nearest road that I can get my 4 wheeler too.

I do need to thank my brother in law for the moral support that he gave me.  He kept telling me to take my time and not to hurry it.  All this while he was sitting on top of the ridge, but I didn't blame him.  He was getting around pretty good with that knee replacement and I didn't want him down with me where I would of had to pack him out also.

While this wasn't the buck that I had dreamed of he'll do quite nicely.  He has some heavy horns and a good old fashon roman nose and will look quite fine on my wall when I get him back from the taxidermest.

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Congratulations Critter, A

Congratulations Critter,

A great buck and a great story. You had to work a lot harder for it than I did mine from the sounds of it.

I love heavy horns like that.

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Congrats on a great old heavy buck ! Thumbs up Hope all goes well with the pack out.


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Congrats on a great looking deer!!!

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Congrats Critter! That is a

Congrats Critter! That is a mighty fine buck! Thumbs up

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That is a nice looking buck!

That is a nice looking buck! Congrats!  Sounds like a great hunt.  Good luck on your pack out.

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Packing my deer out this

Packing my deer out this morning was quite interesting. I started in fresh snow that turned to rain and then back to snow. I also realized why I don't like to hunt in the deeper canyons anymore. Those pack straps hurt on your shoulders and hips when you are packing more than you should but I got him out in 3 trips.

I have also decide that if I do it again I will pack a pistol if I still have a tag left. On my first pack out a cow elk came within 20 yards of me before she finally saw me and decided that she had better head in the opposite direction. And there I stood with the pack on my back and a cow elk tag in my pocket and only a knife instead of a firearm. So it goes in the hunting game.

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Congrats on your harvest!!!

Congrats on your harvest!!!

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Nice buck critter...congrats!

Nice buck critter...congrats! Did you think maybe you could have done a rambo on that cow with your Knife?...LOL just kidding!

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Great buck Critter!  A big

Great buck Critter!  A big congrats!!!

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Another dandy buck! Congrats!

Another dandy buck! Congrats! ...my, how I love those 4th seasons!

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