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Found old mine shaft "Death Trap

Found mine shaft when on Elk hunt two years ago. Returned and put a aspen down in it. It was tucked next to a spruce and hard to see. during the summer with growth you could walk right into it. When I first found it it was while on a stalk. I was trailing a small herd of Elk so I was watching them when i creped up to that spruce.I moved one of the lower limbs to step behind the tree and darn there it was 4 foot wide and 20 foot deep.

nasty spot for it to be all flat Plato so you would not expect it.

Next year we will mark it on the GPS and inform the forest service or Fish and Game. here is the video http://www.muleymadness.com/forum/download.php?id=889

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Found old mine shaft "Death Trap

I live in a mining community so I know exacly what you mean. Alot of old abandoned farms too, which means old dug wells,usually half full of water. Not the type of things you want to step in.

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Found old mine shaft "Death Trap

Colorado is full of old, abandoned mines like that. Many of them are marked on the topo maps, but just as many are not. Always got to be careful.

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