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Food Saver

Anyone else use a food saver for putting your wild game and fish in the freezer. I have wanted one for  a long time and recently picked one up. This is the foodsaver gamesaver silver. I guess its designed more for hunter and outdoorsmen. We used it to put up some fish and stuff from our garden and it worked good. Cant wait to package some venison this season. I did a review on it also in case anyone was interested in one.



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A few things about the vacuum

A few things about the vacuum sealers out there.  I have gone through a few of them and have found out that they do not like moisture in the foods that you are trying to seal up in the envelopes and that the moisture will cause failure of the machine.  They suggest for you to use a paper towel and place it inside the envelope to absorb the moisture while you are sealing them but it is a stop gap measure at best.  What I have found out is to partially freeze what ever you are sealing and then vacuum the air out of it.  That way the moisture is sealed inside the food and not being sucked out onto the sealing surface.  So what I do is place the cuts of meats or vegetables into the freezer for a half hour or a little bit more before I even try to vacuum seal the envelope.  Since I have been doing this I have not had any failures of the machines or leaks in the envelopes.

But for my personal preference and to save a lot of money I still use freezer and plastic wrap to wrap my game meats instead of the vacuum sealer.  I'll wrap the meat in plastic wrap and then the freezer wrap and have have very little freezer burn or waisted meat in over 40 years of doing it myself.   

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If you want a good Vacuum sealer, buy the Cabela's G15, it is awesome, i have had 4 different models of the food savers, and they aren't very good. jmo


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The wife likes to use one

The wife likes to use one with the stuff she buys from the store but I just keep using paper. With all the animals we usually process it saves time and cost less. I've never compared the long term redults as there is usually very little left after a year goes by.

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I love vacuum sealer,

I love vacuum sealer, especially a handheld one at crazysales, which enables you to preserve the very fresh catch immediately, except one is hunting for sport, Big smile. I process deer, sheep, and mountain goat at home, but typically take moose and caribou, as well as anything we want made into cured sausages into our local game shop for processing. Cutting up steaks and roasts at home, wrapping in freezer paper is simple and you can have more than one person wrapping at once. A chamber sealer would allow us to vacuum seal more than one package at a time, but again I haven't had any issues with the freezer paper to justify the cost of a chamber sealer. The sausage products we get from the games shop (which are the items most prone to freezer burn) are vacuum sealed before I pick them up, and store quite well for several years.

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