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food plots???

ive been planting a food plot for the last few years but havent had good results. next year ive got about 2 acre spot to plant a food plot and im wondering what to plant to help the deer out and keep them in there year around. im wanting to plant clover,oats,turnips,peas,brassica,wheat, and just whatever else they will eat and help them stay in there, and when to plant these different seeds. how would i determine what fertilizer i would need to help the seeds grow. if anyone has any ideas please let me know,just email me or send me a message. anyone got ne ideas thanks

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food plots???

Where are you trying to plant? This would determine WHEN to plant..
What you don't want to do is plant too early in the fall if you plan to hunt over the food plot. Deer like tender lil plants and will quickly destroy a plot if there are way more deer to plot acreage ratio.

Best thing to do is contact your local County Extension Agent or Co-Op to inquire about a soil test. They can also recommend a seed mix for your plot that will both serve your deer and your soil type. Different seeds need different types of soil to do their best.
As a basic rule of thumb though, Lime your plot at the rate of 100 lbs per 1/4 acre.
Then mix in 100 lbs 13-13-13 fertilizer per 1/2 acre.
You can add both of these while tilling after you have broken the soil or turned it over.
If rain is not expected within a few days of cultivating then water in the fertilizer and lime if water is available.
Likewise before you plant seeds.

Thsi is just very basic info but enough to get you started. I would however, recommend contacting your local County Extension Agent.

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food plots

well im planting in arkansas and i want to plant food for the deer in the late summer all threw winter. what could i plant and when to plant it

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