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food plot ??

is there any difference in the winter oats i can get at my local mill than the ones in the high priced food plot seeds. and also what conditions does it take to grow rye.

i thinking about getting some winter oats, white clover, and rye for a food plot how do yall think it will turn out

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food plot ??

I don't know if theres much difference in the big name blends and feed store seeds or not. I personally plant feed store oats, wheat, rye, and clover almost every year. They grow fine for me and would probably grow much better if I did soil tests and used lime to get the soil ph correct. I haven't done that because by the time I buy seed the money is running out. My small plots still do ok and draw deer and turkeys like crazy.

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Imperial clover

I personally plant imperial clover which produces more protein and valuable vitamins that all deer need.

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food plot ??

I've never had a need to plant a plot, but if I did clover would be the top choice Yes

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