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Florida Hog hunting Q&A

I have the questions and I know plenty of you out there have the answers. Frist off I just spent about 40 minutes searching past posts so I apologize if this has already been discussed in a post from time past.
Here is what I got. I've got a group of 4-8 hunters who all live in northern Mn and in february we are wanting to get out of the cold and do some hunting. We thought a Florida hog hunting trip would be relatively cheap, since we aren't rich by no means, and I have a relative in tampa we could stay with. Here are my questions. Also we are all pretty independant archers so no guides, dogs, etc...
IS there a list of private land owners, farmers, orchards etc that want hunters to come shoot hogs that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg.

I've read in different places that there are and aren't liscense to take hogs. is it only on WMA's we need a liscense? IS out of state liscense expensive?

Hog hunting is year around correct?

If we did end up hunting public land what are the hog populations usually like within 100ml of tampa? If public land hog hunting isn't very good then me may not have a choice but to buy hunting rights from an outfitter.

Last question is there anyone on this forum who has land and would be interested in barding a price for 4-8 or knows of a good spot in that area of FL that we could try out.

The problem is we really don't have the time to both come down to FL and scout for a place and then hunt, have to be back for work. So my scouting will have to be mainly online so if you have any resources that I could hook up with I would greatly appreciate it. Also does wild hog taste anything like domestic pork?

Thank you,


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Florida Hog hunting Q&A

Wow, I dont know how I missed your post on previous visits here !!! Oops!

First, my apologies and welcome to BGH Misguided.

In Florida Hogs are considered Domestic Game Animal and belong to the property owner on whose property they happen to be on. They can be hunted year round on private property without a hunting license for residents of the state however I am unsure if one is needed for non residents hunting on private property but I am positive that you will need a license to hunt public land.
On public land there are established seasons for Hogs, usually during the "General Gun" season but sometimes in the "Small Game" season, it will depend on the WMA or WMD you choose to hunt. Late february will almost certainly make Hog hunting out of season on public land so you will have to concentrate on private property. Unlike most areas where landowners may let you hunt pigs on their property just to rid them of the pigs, Florida landowners have discovered that there is money to be made from hog hunting and will almost certainly charge you for the hunt, but........never can tell, just have to ask.
I have never hunted around the Tampa area, which is located in the "Southwest" region and a look at the WMA map there ain't alot of public land in that area. You might look on the web for a phone directory of the area and call a sporting goods store(not chain stores) and just talk to someone about the areas to hunt, like most hunters I am sure it wont be hard to get them talking about hunting !!

Anyway here's the link to the FWC where you'll find all the regs and maps and such. Good Luck and let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. http://myfwc.com/hunting/

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Florida Hog hunting Q&A

cecil webb is a pretty big WMA in that area i have a friend who lived in that area most of his life and has good success there( just check the regs on when you can go) not that you wouldn't. there are some good areas within a decent drive for hogs but like J T said most of them are going to want to charge a little.heres a guy in that area if he doesnt help you out give me a shout back.

im about 2-1/2 hours north of tampa

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Florida Hog hunting Q&A

As in Florida, here in Texas hogs belong to the land owner. You must have a valid hunting licese here. Hogs are a considered a pest to most here for the destruction they cause. WE hunt them year round by gun, trap, archery, etc..... good luck with finding a florida hog hunt, when you get back post some pics and if you get to Texas......bring lots of bullets and camera film.......

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