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Florida FWC Tips on Wearing Orange

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Florida FWC Tips on Wearing Orange

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orange vests

as with anything new and forced upon us, we disliked the idea of wearing the vests...now looking back, it's a great idea.
we hunt in an area were the florida trail winds through the woods...one of our hunters was shooting at a buck in a small cut area , one day...got the buck, but a few minutes later, just beyond where he was aiming, there went a hiker, not wearing orange, going down the trail...had he been there a few minutes earlier, well, no telling how that would have ended.
another time, my son was walking with the dogs, we saw the deer, then saw him with his orange vest on... what would have happened if he hadn't had that orange vest on..????
yes, they are a good idea!!! in fact, i believe that any one using the forests during any hunting season, should be required to wear orange. hikers, people riding with hunters, even land owners, walking the roads, for excercise, and people walking their dogs...should wear orange.
they aren't expensive, but if not wearing them, could cost a lot.
and if they start to fade, replace them...
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Florida FWC Tips on Wearing Orange

I agree that when the idea of making hunters wear orange vests came about it seemed like an outrage at the time and many of the places I hunt don't require you to wear a vest.
But like the previous comment above I have now come around to the idea. Because the outdoors a becoming more populated with hikers, birdwatchers and outdoorsmen like ourselves safety does have to come first.
At the end of the day your experience and skill should offset what we percieve to be a handicap in wearing a vest.

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