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FL gator permits second phase

You have to be logged in ready to go to get your permit, I managed to get one for my son in our favorite lake.  He did not get drawn the first time around, so it seems a lot of people who were awarded permits in the first phase did not purchase them.  I hope there is some left in third phase, looks like very few in places I like to hunt, I would like to get a couple at $65.

Hope you got what you were looking for.



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Well lets just say I didn't

Well lets just say I didn't get a permit. The website crashed when phase 2 opened and by time it was back online 45 minutes later all of the permits were gone for my area. I tried calling in and geting one but it isn't possible over the phone and the closest lics agent was 25 mintues away.

They're going to have to do some pretty big changes to the process before I attempt putting in for my alligator permit again.

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