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Flight from Chicago to New Orleans...Scared????

A man gets on a flight in Chicago bound for New Orleans. The man he sits down beside is pale, shaking, apprhensive, visually disturbed and scared.

The new new arrival asks him..."Brother, you that scared of flying?"

"No, my company just transferred me to the New Orleans office and I have been hearing about all the car thefts, muggings, murders, rape, and in general, the escalating rate since the Hurricane!"

Guy told him...."Look pal, it is not that bad! I have lived there all my life!"

The food is great, Bourbon Street is Happening, Madi Gras parties, dances, history, it will be worth the move for you!"

The scared man settled down, seemed to relax, and said..."Thanks! That makes me feel much better!"

"By the way, what do you do for a living in New Orleans?"

The guy replied............

"I am a tail gunner on a Budweiser delivery truck!"

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