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Flat Tops Wilderness, Grand Mesa, or Uncompaghre to trail ride?

I'm new to the Colorado hunting scene, but want to bring horse/mules to ride trails in August and see Elk herds. Any info for the White River National Forest area, Grand Mesa, or Uncompaghre areas would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to camp with horses and am looking to find good places in Colorado to start with. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Welcome to the site. I really

Welcome to the site. I really cannot help you with pack trails but if you go on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site http://ndismaps.nrel.colostate.edu/huntingatlas/ you can look up pack trails and see what you like. The three areas you mentioned are huge in size so you really need to narrow it down some. White River NF is over 3500 square miles, Uncompaghre is almost 1500 SQ Miles and the Grand Mesa is over 500 sq Miles. AS for seeing elk, all three hold decent to good elk numbers. I recall seeing a book about Colorado Pack Trails and rides but cannot tell you the name or author but sure you can find it on line. I know it is not a bunch of info but hope that helps a bit. 

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SGM, thanks for the info, it

SGM, thanks for the info, it will definitely help...its a good starting pt to gathering additional info.

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