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Flat Tops - Archery

Hey Folks - back at it now... after a disastrous ski trip to Steamboat...

I am trying to understand all of the rules for Colorado.

It looks like the most of the Flat Tops area is encompassed within GMU's 12, 23, 24 and 33 and that OTC archery tag for public land elk are not available... is this the case?

It also looks like portions of the Flat Tops fall also within the boundaries of GMU 25 and 26 but to a lesser extent and that OTC archery permits are available.

Further - it would appear that OTC permits for 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons for elk are available for each of the GMU's.

Am I looking at the site correctly?



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In reality the Flat Tops are

In reality the Flat Tops are going to be west of HWY 131, north of I-70, east of Co HWY 13, and south of County Rd 317.  The units are 33, 23, 12, 231, 26, 25, and 24 I believe.  As far as an archery tag units 23, 33, and 12 are restricted to the draw but all but unit 12 are almost a sure draw requiring either 0-1 preference points.  In 2009 for unit 1107 hunters applied for 1050 permits for unit 33.  So units 231, 26, 25, and 24 either sex tags can be bought OTC.  Also from what you saw about the second and third rifle the tags are OTC for a bull. 

One thing about the Flat Tops is that it is some big country and a lot of it is a wilderness witch limits access.  Also if it snows on top the elk head into the side canyons and onto private property witch you need permission to hunt on. 

If you haven't talked to or contacted him you might want to get a hold of HuntHayden who is a member here on the forums.  It doesn't look like he goes up onto the Flat Tops but he might be able to give you some information about it.   


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unit 24 is a draw archery

unit 24 is a draw archery tag, but you only need a few points for an either sex tag. If you are DIY hunting I can recommend hunting from the UTE trailhead off of Forest service rd 238. Head south up the UTE trail about 3-4 miles and camp along the edge of the old burn. Great elk feeding area. It is just inside the wilderness area, and I would hunt uphill from there toward either Johnson park or Papoose Basin. The closer you get towards White springs or Johnson park the better. It is tough walking in the area due to the old burn, but a great spot if you are willing to work for it.

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