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Where I am its real flat and not uncommon to see them right out in the middle of the crop land, some time they even lay there after its cut.

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I have a pertner that has

I have a pertner that has land in E Colorado and it is as flat as can be and man is there some big mulies out there.

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I too found a honey hole out

I too found a honey hole out on the desert last year, and it was literally a toss of a coin to see which tag I drew for this year!Wink


So in a couple more years, I am planning on going after some monster flatland mulies! ...this year though, I am hoping to bag my first whitetail In love

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If you are hunting really big

If you are hunting really big mulies and come across a sagebrush flat either up high or out next to a row of crops it always pays to sit there for a while and glass it.  You need to look for either eyes, ears or the ivory tips of antlers.  I have seen deer lay in the sage all day and just stand up when it is time to feed at dusk. 

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Flat land Mule Deer

I'll be hunting flat grassland this year where I glassed up some Mulies while out Antelope hunting year before last. Personally, they were the largest deer as far as antler spread goes I've ever seen with my own eyes, so I hope they are still around, LOL. I pretty much plan on hunting them the same way as Antelope, a lot of glassing and using the terrain as much as I can for an approach. Using low areas, crawling, whatever it takes, ha ha. The unit does have some hilly/mountain like areas some miles off I've hunted before with nice deer, so if having trouble in the flats will try that as well.

I've hunted the desert here a lot, which can be pretty flat as well, but at least there is often chest high brush cover, washes, cactus, mesquite trees, etc., and pretty thick at times for good stalking.

Good luck.

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