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man you all think way to much

man you all think way to much i set on differnt logs everyday seeing and shooting deer freezer has 3 in it and its only 22 days into the season only have hunted 9 or 10 deer are dumb as a woodpecker they only have a good sense of smell and even that isnt very good if you use your head.

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Hey wildman, are you hunting

Hey wildman, are you hunting fawns? If you think deer are dumb then you must be one of those if it's brown it's down kind of guys. I know the big boys I hunt and I only take out mature does as well are pretty smart. I have only hunted 6 times this seasos and have 3 deer in 25 days but that doesn't make them stupid.

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No I dont shoot fawns and

No I dont shoot fawns and wont hunt with anyone that does I have several decent racks and 2 on the wall I enjoy taking big bucks but I enjoy a marinated deer steak and rolls of summer sausage alot more then I do the antlers.I just think people go way overboard,got to have the best treestand got to have a bottle of this and a bottle of that a special pair of boots the list goes on and on its hilarious what a few bozos on tv can get people to think they need,all i need is my bow and a knife. Wink

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Dumb deer

Might just be me, but I'd take my arrows too, if I was you (maybe a pair of socks, if it's cold??). Deer may be dumb, but I've not met a single hunter yet (besides you perhaps) that drops out of the tree, strangles them with his bow and then guts them.....  Confused

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just giving my opinion is

just giving my opinion is all.

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