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Fixed Blade Broadhead Review: G5 Montec and NAP Crossfire

March 2008 Product Review

Fixed Blade Broadhead Review: G5 Montec and the NAP Crossfire

As a modern bowhunter, it can be a daunting task to pick the right broadhead. There are an array of broadhead designs and manufacturers, many of which are adequate for your hunting needs. However, picking the right broadhead for you can take some background knowledge and experience. We are reviewing two fixed blade designs the G5 Montec and the New Archery Products (NAP) Crossfire. Read more...

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Fixed Blade Broadhead Review: G5 Montec and NAP Crossfire

After a 10 yr lay off that started with an injury I got back into bowhunting 2 seasons ago. Bought a new Mathews and when it was time to find a broadhead bought several including the Montec. My bow is well tuned and I use Carbon Force Maxima Hunter arrows. Only one of the Broadheads would shoot to the same point as field point. That one was the Rage 2 blade mechanical. In the last 2 seasons I have bagged 5 deer with it. It's accurate and makes a huge entrance and exit hole resulting in a vivid short bloodtrail. I used one to take the 10 point in this pic.

deer 07 075.JPG
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