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fishing rules

..if your under 16 can you legally fish without a liscence...or a liscenced adult

for a while me and my friend have been fishing at a park...around 630 a park ranger would come by and ask how things are going, what we caught etc etc.

but today another park ranger came and asked to see our liscences..we told her we were 15.... she told us that we couldnt fish without an adult because of that

the other 2 rangers told us we had to fish after the tours were done but they never had any problems with us fishing because we're 15....

so anyone know which one is right?

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fishing rules

Contact your local game office. I've never heard of having to be supervised while fishing.

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Sounds to me like they were messing with you. Although it varies by state, I've never heard of anyone needing a fishing liscence under the age of 16. The ranger might not have believed that you were under 16, or they were on some sort of power trip (not typical of wildlife officials, most are responsible and reasonable). Make sure to be totally liscenced when you hunt or fish, but if you're under 16 you should be in the clear.

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