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fishin with a bow

It looks like fun.Has anyone used a bow to fish?Can you elaborate on what you shot?  Is the limit the same as using a fishing pole?  

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I've put some arrow's thru

I've put some arrow's thru sum Talpia's (grass carp)...I've gotten sum up to 5 pound's,when they go on bed their up near edge...U've got to be sneaky with them,they see any movemint an their gone....I've seen where their meat go's for bout $6 a pound,their pretty good eat'n...

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I havent tried it yet but i

I havent tried it yet but i want to, Man of the fall has a thread in here about it, he went with Bracket outdoors or something like that up in Ohio. All the shows I've seen on it looks like they shot carp or sting rays, and maybe some gar(sp). It really looks like a lot of fun, I've heard not to use you good hunting bow for it though cause it will be bouncing around the boat and could knock your rest and sight out of tune, also pulling back your #70 bow will wear out your arms, I think most use a special set up with draw weight of #30-#40.

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I would really like to give

I would really like to give it a whorl. Especially since I have a new bow:\\\\:D/ Colorado makes it pretty hard to do it though. I am pretty sure that someone told me that there are like only two public lakes where you can do it. It would be nice if there were more public options to try it out. I need to pick up the tackle for it and head out to Barr.

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One of my friends has done it

One of my friends has done it a lot at lake Powell in Utah. He has all the equipment but make sure you keep it in good shape cuz I know he has lost a bunch of arrows from broken lines.

I have not tried it yet but it should be good because there are carp everywhere at the backs of all the canyons.

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