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First year I could Hunt in Wyoming

First of all New member here, moved to wyoming last april, so I wasnt able to get my license last year, and working too much. Well I didnt get a chance to do much scouting only one day, found some good looking area's and some fresh tracks, in the greys river area, so I got the second week in september off, and went to the good looking area, first day seen two 6x6 bulls, one rag and one very nice one, in 4 more days hunting, and miles and miles of hiking, that area never seen another elk, took a big 3 point buck last day. Went up yesterday different area, hams fork area near kemmerer, wy. still no luck, seen a few moose, a few deer, no elk. Just thought I would share my experience hear, I will post some pics of some past hunts later.