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First year Archery Hunting No Luck

well this is my first timr on here just thought I would look for some pionters. I can get into the elk and be where they have been just cant make contact with them. I have been hiking my a$$ off and cant seem to get any where i am in colorado and just looking to reward myself for all the work...      An pionters would be awesome or anyone thats wants to go out let me know!

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I have been bow hunitng elk

I have been bow hunitng elk here in Colorado for 5 years now and have yet to comnect with one.  I have had some really close encounters but either no shot provided or wrong sex.  I had a 5x5 bull last year at 25 yards and he did not even have a clue I was there...I had a cow tag.  One thing I can tell you is be patient t will happen...atleast that is what I keep telling myself.  If you are in an area where you get a few encounters or atleast seeing or hearing elk, atleast you can  make moves on them and learn from your mistakes.  In an area were there are not alot of enocounters you never will figure out what you are doing wrong.  They are a great but tough aniaml to hunt let alone get within bow range.

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ya i just dont get it

Ya i am sitting on my deck watching them through spotting scope hahaha. I helped a buddy get one last year and it seemed so dam easy i called him right to us and it was over. Now i try and its starting to dicourage me where do you hunt in colorado?


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season ain't over yet

You still have the best week of the year left to hunt.  The more responsive the elk are, the more opportunities you'll have.  But don't be discouraged, I think the average success rate is only 12%, so to think you should get one more than once every 5 or 6 years, especially starting off, is pretty unlikely.  Sure there are guys who get bow kills every year, or will at least tell you they do, the reality is that most don't.  This is why I mostly stick to rifles and muzzleloaders, though I'm leaning towards going back to archery again for next year.

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I agree that you need to keep

I agree that you need to keep plugging out in the hills.  You also need to start to understand elk.  They have three basic requirements.  Feed, water, and cover.  Once you find a area that has all three or find a place where they are traveling you will then be able to set up an ambush to get within range of one. 

I have found one of those magical type places that every time that I go into it I can find elk, but I would be crazy to shoot one in that area since it is around 3 miles all down hill to where they are located and it isn't a nice down hill hike.  A few years ago I ran into some hunters from New York that spend the whole bow hunt chasing elk and deer in this area.  The asked me if I knew where they might find a couple.  I told them and then headed home for the night.  I ran into them about a week later and asked them if they had checked out the spot that I had told them about.  They said yes and that it was all that I had said and more as far as trying to get one out.  That was about 6 years ago and to this day I only know of one hunter that has gone into the area and shot a elk, and he said that he paid for it. 

But there is one thing that I have found out about bow hunting.  If you are willing to put in the time you just may be one of those hunters that takes home a deer and elk every year or two but it takes a lot of hard work to figure out where you need to go. 

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Welcome to BGH. I don't

Welcome to BGH. I don't archery hunt right now but it looks like you have gotten a bunch of good advice from some of the guys here already. I'm not a big elk hunter myself preferring to usually focus more on deer. That said even using a rifle my success is pretty limited. In 25 years I've killed 3 small bulls and six or seven cows. Where I hunt a lot depends on the weather as to if and when they will be there.

Good luck with your hunts.

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Thanks so much

You guys were a great help went to a spot by ,my house this evening got into 3 cows but its a hard hike across the valley. I only had a half hour before 7:00 so yeah just gotta keep plugging away. I have never rifle hunted but once with a freaind maybe do it again. Any other things I should know or anything I need to know about the fourm would be great.

Thanks Agian

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Welcome to the site, and

Welcome to the site, and welcome to the wonderful, frustrating, expensive, world of archery hunting. Wink

It's a great time to be int he woods.  Lots to be learned, but the benefits are great!  Be sure to stick around the site, and throw up some photos and stories!

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Welcome to the forum and welcome to elk hunting. It is not as easy as those TV shows make it look. Most, if not all of us have been where you are and some of us are still there. You must be doing something right if you are getting into the elk but remember the elk owe you nothing for your effort. There are 1000 things that can go wrong and usually several of those rear their ugly head during the hunt. Patients is the name of the game and if you put in the time, your chance will come and when it does all the past hunt become worthwhile. Remember that only about 15% of bow hunters score in the average season across the board. Keep at it, don’t get frustrated and don't give up.


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Well guys got into them

Well got into about 30 head and had a perfect shot on a cow and I thought maybe I get a better one and it turned out should have taken the first.

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Sounds like you are getting there 1


The name of the game when archery hunting is the world of hard knocks ! The only way to get it done is being out there and working hard. Oh and one more thing that I don't have much of "PATIENCE" ! Keep up with the persistence and it will pay off. Welcome to archery elk hunting and welcome to BGH !


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