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Show me


Show me where anyone posted that they shot anything on the grounds of an apartment complex, much less while the animal was standing around posing for pictures for a handout.:rotest1


Please be factual about your post subject.

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2nd year

This is my second year hunting whitetails with a bow and going to try and put some time in this year, used to always go rifle but I want one with a bow this year!

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Sorry Manofthefall an

Sorry Manofthefall an DeerSlayer didnt mean to start any HawgWash hear...Dont no what plumdog got N2...Must'of been sum bad plum's....DeerSlayer did'nt relize you were that young,U go Boy!...U take anything  u want...I start'd when i was 12...B4 that i wood go with Pop's an just sit N stand with him,i've seen him kill many deer...When i turn'd 12 he set me up with an ol M1 30cal carbine rifle,kill'd a big 8 first year,still have him on wall....U keep dew'n what your dew'n, i have 2 BOYz,try'n to git them to hunt is like pull'n teeth,their to busy either chase'n skirt's or play'n vidieO game's...plus their just plain LAZY!...they dont have the patience to sit N stand...Lucky 4 me though i got my wife (Taz) N2 hunt'n a couple year's ago,she LOVE's it...DeerSlayer good luck to U an da ol man...B-Safe!

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Pardon Me

I guess I was not connecting my comments to the proper party. What I found offensive was the story "A Crazy Day of Doe Hunting". The part about using the deck railing for a blind and doe running into the shed and banging around, the blood all over the place. This is the sort of description that anti-hunters get all lathered up about. Why give them something to go crazy about? Just Sayin. And no offence was meant to you Deerslayer! Sorry, and hope you have great success in the field! 

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That's ok. I was 13 at the

That's ok. I was 13 at the time. My first year of hunting. I've came a long way since then, when it comes to experience. This will be my 10th year of hunting.

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I still have not shot one

I still have not shot one with a bow.....