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First western hunt

I'm from San Antonio, Texas. two college buddies and I have been scrapping money together for a while now to go on an out of state trip.
I'm limited to mid august archery seasons since we all have to be back for the fall semester, that being said my question is what would be a good idea for us? I've been doing a lot of research on new mexico's antelope season. Also I have looked at arizonas black bear season, plus those tags are from what I've heard OTC. Of anybody has any suggestions or if they have Done either of these hunts I would appreciate the wisdom.
Also unit 30 in new Mexico seems to be an archery only unit for antelope, and based on last years draw results an easy unit to draw tags if anybody has hunted in that unit before did you see any antelope was there sufficient access, ect.?

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I'm no help - but....

I'm no help - but I think that you are on the right track in asking for help from guys who live there or have hunted in those areas.  There are areas of this forum where you can sort content by state or regional locations:


or by game animal species:


I would start checking out those links for teh information that you are looking for by state or by game.  Chances are good that someone has discussed it here before.

Welcome to the forum and good luck on your hunts.  Let us know where you decide to go and how you make out.  Your experience may help guide someone else who comes here looking for similar information in the future.


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Welcome to the forum!! It's a

Welcome to the forum!! It's a great site and you should be able to get a bunch of great information. I would say go with an antelope hunt as your chances for success are probably going to be much higher than bear. I'm not sure when the archery seasons start in most states but Wyoming is th eplace to chase them around. I know the deer season here in Colorado is probably a little later than you need but antelope is a bit earlier. It's just tough to get the tag here. I never looked at the New Mexico archery draw but struck out for my first try at a rifle tag last year.

Good luck with whatever you decide and keep coming back to let us know what you do and how it works out.

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Welcome to the site!  There

Welcome to the site!  There are a couple of guys on here who are familiar with New Mexico, so I think you should have no problem getting some assistance. 

Make sure to browse the forums.  Lots of good info on here, and lots of help to be found.  Make sure to throw up some of your own photos and stories.  Good luck!

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call the G&F

I hunted the areaa around unit 30 for rifle a long time ago. I can't even remember if it was unit 30 or 31.  Back then the G&F was very good about putting hunters on pastures with a lot of goats.  They put us on a mix of BLM and private land.  Today it is most probably only BLM.  That being said the archery pronghorn hunts I've been on where usually unit wide hunts.

You should call the Game and Fish and ask about the unit.  Ask to be put in touch with one of the game wardens for that unit.  If they put you in a specific pasture it will most likely be a good one.  I then recommend scouting it at least once beforehand and figuring out where you can set up a blind (near a water hole).  You could also try decoy hunting, I've seen interesting techniques on tv shows lately. 

If the hunt is unit wide the G&F might be able to narrow it down for you.  In that case you need to get some BLM maps and do a lot of scouting. 

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Good Luck. 


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