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First Week of October Moose Hunt NL

First big game hunt in the process of getting gear. Had a question on what to wear during this time of year. So far I have muck boots, merino wool long underwear, smart wool socks flash 20 bag. Been looking a lot at Sitka and Kuiu gear. I was thinking traverse shirt, jetstream jacket, timberland pants, kelvin vest. Then the dew point rain gear or Kuiu or even browning rain gear to save money. Love to have any suggestions of what to wear thanks.

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Well first, welcome to the

Well first, welcome to the forum and your first big game hunt.

That all sounds like really good gear and much better than most of my stuff. It all depends on what temps for that time of year. October not usually that cold in most places.

Where exactly are you hunting? Interested in Moose in the future and would like to hear your experiences.

Good luck with the hunt.

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