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First trip to Africa

You picked the correct country for your first trip to the Dark Continent. That was my first country and I did not regret it. Great place to get your feet wet and learn the ropes. Rest assured. You will return. I heard it before I went and is it true. Oh, so true. My fourth trip is coming up for problem elephant, hippo and croc in Zimbabwe this spring. Why problem animals? One must stay in country longer but the end resulting costs are much, much less expensive. The animals cannot be exported but photos and the hunt suit me just fine. No more room in my game room anyway. I do have room for one set of fiberglass elephant tusks that I will have made after my next trip. When I say less expensive, this is the comparison. A fourteen day hunt for a 50 pound trophy elephant, one hippo and one crocodile, all exportable, would cost about $46.000. The same animalsj, maybe a smaller elephant, on a 21 day problem animal hunt would be about $14,000. It does take some research and much communication to arrange one of these hunts but it is worth it. Due to farm work, I was not able to go last year. My PH did not have a problem animal hunter in camp and he, himself, had to shoot three elephants, two hippos and one crocodile. When the PH must shoot the animals, he himself, the tribal folks and the government miss out on the permit fees to shoot these animals. So problem animal hunters are looked on kindly. You do take a chance on no animals but that has not been a problem in the past. I did not make it last year but, you bet your sweet bippy, I will be there this year. In closing, pay close attention to your dip and pack arrangements. It cost me over $3000 to finally get my leopard and cape buffalo hides shipped from africa, tanned, and delivered to my taxidermist. The buffalo hide was not salted correctly in africa and when tanned, the hair fell out. The horns come thru fine. I used a new zoological mount done by Jonas Brothers in New York to overcome the screwup and it turned out just fine. A different skinner handled my leopard and it arrived in perfect condition. Given the choice of the two, the leopard was the most important. One last bit of advice. I eat my share of Macdoubles and beenieweenies to finance my trips to africa. Save half, borrow the other half, and do it while your body can endure the long treks in the african bush. You will not regret it. God speed and good luck on your upcoming hunt.

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first trip to Africa

You might like to visit our site at http://www.shakariconnection.com where you'll find over 400 pages of completely unbiased advice about all aspects of African hunting safaris. It covers everything from initial research to health to taxidermy and a whole lot more.

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first trip to Africa

I was notified of a private message from this forum and it did not come thru. Just thought I would let that someone know. Thanks

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first trip to Africa

Did you click on the message link at the top of the page? You have to be logged in. The person sending it, may have deleted it before you viewed it.

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