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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

That is interesting about grinding up the fillets. Might have to try it sometime.

Most of the pike I have had has been pretty good, not muddy at all. Now some of the stocked trout in CO (with their white meat) can be pretty bad eating (taste like licking dirt).

However the cut-throats and "cut-bows" with a pinkish meat are always pretty good around here. They don't rival a good slab 'o salmon though. Wink

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed


On 2003-02-14 10:14, billmaly wrote:
I am gearing up for Spring turkey season. Advice on any calls is appreciated.

Ok getting the post back to Turkey not sure how the Pike got in (pike is down the hall and to the left).

I am new to Turkey as well but so far what I have done is picked up a mouth call, box call and a friction plate. Some came with tapes/cd's and then I bought a video as well to see when and how they were calling. I plan on practicing a lot so I can use to calls at once and sound like more than one bird to hopefully coax in the big Tom. Now all I have to do is figure out where the birds are.

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

StalkingPrey look in open areas, that is where you will find them first thing in the morning.
If it is cold you will find them on the sunny side of a hill or field where they will suck up the sun to get warm.

Any farms around your way you will find turkeys.

Good luck

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

If you are starting from scratch, I would get a box call first. They are easy to learn and give realistic sounds right from the beginning. As you get better then add the slate call and moth call to your hunt.

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

You also might want to pick up a couple of Turkey video's. By watching and listening to the different types of calling, set-ups, and gobbler responses to their calling you can pick up some good tips to help you out. Your best teacher will always be "experience"!!!

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

Well your post was dated Feb-2003 now its Nov -2003 and you have already invested alot in turkey calls of every kind. I make my own from shale and walnut limbs it will take a little time to get the tone right. (the thickness of shale and stick make all the difference)

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

a good call for a first timer is a box call

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First time turkey hunter, advice needed

im pretty sure this is the first year ontario is offering turkey hunting again i think i might try it out a couple times

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