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first time spring turkey

this coming spring i want to hunt turkey but i dont know a thing about turkey hunting accept that they have good eye sight. so i need to know about where to find them ,calling and things like that.

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first time spring turkey

One of the best ways to learn about hunting turkeys is to listen to audio tapes. You can learn the rythem and attitude behind the way they call. If you get a good tape the guy(s) talking will give lots of tips on stratigies and locations.
My favorite tape was made by a man who has now passed away. His name is Ben Rodgers Lee and the name of the tape is "Talking Turkey with Ben Rodgers Lee"......I am convinced that everything you need to know is on that tape but you would do good to ask your fish and wildlife department if they have any seminars and also some sportsmans shows put on seminars for various topics. At least if you go to seminars you will get a chance to ask questions and hear the questions other people ask that maybe you didn't think of.

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first time spring turkey

scot you should try the NWTF.org or the wild turkey zone. com


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