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First Time hunting Management land

Normally hunted as a guest in a dedicated club, but have a chance to hunt management land this fall. Does anyone have any tips that might help this rookie out? Setup for new tree stands and ground blinds?

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First Time hunting Management land

a86cj7. Welcome to BGH.

Not knowing the type or lay of the land you'll be hunting I'll just give some general pointers.
First I'd talk to anyone who hunts or has hunted the area you plan to hunt. This will give you some idea of how the area is hunted and where the pressure will be at and how it is applied. Avoid the high pressure areas and concentrate at the far edges of the pressure areas where most people wont go such as swamps and thick cover. Where I hunted the Deer would retreat into the swamps and I would follow them and always had the swamp to myself. I would find "islands" in the swamp and look for sign of bedding. Look for the trees and brush that have been foraged on to get an idea of the trail that the Deer will use to get to and fro the island. These Islands may be only a couple hundred square feet to several acres. The cover will be thick and the hunting up close and in your face but it will be exciting. I have actually seen the water rippling from the Deer walking in it and never see the Deer. Get in your stand early and stay late. Mid day is the best time to be on stand during the first couple weeks of the season.
I have used both, ladder stands and climbers, it just depended on the cover and available trees to us the climber. Often I would have a couple of ladder stands out and carry the climber in just in case the situation changes. Basically, once you locate the Deer just hunt as you normally would except only closer than you might have on private land as the animals will hold tight to cover and will move early and late but.............(always a but).... no Buck stays bedded all day so if you do your homework and keep quiet and practice good scent control then mid day is just as good, if not better, time to be on stand in these situations.
Hope this helps some. I'm sure others will offer up some tips also. Good Luck !!!

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