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first time hunting black bear in the southwest Oregon

this year is my first year hunting black bear in oregon and i need some help on finding a spot to hunt, i dont really know southern oregon that well so i need help. anyone got advise?

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Dont know the area.  Might

Dont know the area.  Might sudgest talking to local encon (or whatever Oregon calls them) officers for a place to start looking.

After that it is all leg work for you.  Food, cover then sign.

Luck to ya.

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I've never hunted bear down

I've never hunted bear down there, but have talked to a few people who have. They have told me to head into the coast range west of roseburg. there had been some logging a recent years. find some clear cuts and start glassing. if you can, predator calls can be usefull. good luck and let us know how you do.

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I cannot remember if OR allows calls to be used? If they do I would get a few prederator calls if you do not have them already. We are allowed to bait here in Idaho and that makes it a lot easier depending on your views. We also use trail cameras to see how many bears come into the bait site. I'm guessing that's not going to be an option since it will be hard to pattern bear without bait or I could be wrong? I'm thinking your best bet is a lot of glassing and hiking. Sorry I don't know anything about southern Oregon we elk hunt eastern OR.

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no baiting or hounds in oregon, however...

I have read that darn regulation book to many times and grew up hunting out of Roseburg.  I am pretty sure predator calls are O.K. but for sure it says NO baiting and No dogs.  Now the funny part, "Using bait to attract black bear and using dogs to lacate and tree black bears is prohibited.  Applying a scent or attractant to ones body or clothing while worn is not baiting" lol.  I DO NOT suggest doing this but there is no mention of calls in the regulations.  Have fun, I grew up down there and have fond memories of tieing our food bags up so we didnt attract any bears while camping just out of town.  Good Luck!

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i hunted by florence in the

i hunted by florence in the Siuslaw region last year.  and there's lots of bears out there.

we looked for timber clear cuts that were several years old. i think you can get a map from the timber companies about what land is open to public hunting and what is not. there's also the possibility of hunting along closed timber roads and streamways.

i did not get a bear last year, but i will go back and try again in 2012. hopefully that will be the year for me to kill my first blackbear!

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