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First-time Hunter in Maryland, MD

Hello, can anyone suggest a good hunting area in Maryland where I won't have to compete with multiple other hunters? Scenery is good too. My only experience is hunting in WV on private land.

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First-time Hunter in Maryland, MD

Joe-man, I just got back from the eastern shore, and cant get enough of it. The hunting leases are cheap compared to where I come from, and there are a lot of deer. It was hot and the rut hadn't started, but we still had plenty of oppurtunitys.

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Joe man,
Where in MD are you? I'm new to hunting too and I'm hunting on my property in Baltimore County. There are a ton of deer in Bmore, but few trophies. I recommend finding a farm or private property. Most farmers see deer as a nuisance and will welcome a responsible hunter on to their property.

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