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First Time Hunter

Hello Biggamehunt Community!

So for a couple years I've been interested in hunting. Though the title states "First time hunter"; which implies that I may've had my first hunt already, I've actually never been hunting. I grew up in a fairly quiet neighborhood in your typical Asian household at the foothills of Los Angeles. Most people I know (about 70%) are peace-loving, anti-gun liberals who; at the idea of BoBs and possessing firearms, think I am paranoid (the rest of the 30% have never hunted before). Anyone I would know who hunts either live 5 hours up north, or an entirely different region in the United States.

Straight to the point: I don't know anyone who goes hunting and was wondering if anyone in this community could give me a couple pointers on where to get started (or if anyone could perhaps take me under their wing on their next trip).

My main goal is self sufficiency. I'm a huge go-er for prepping but lack any skill in hunting: a skill that I believe is essential in survivalism. The extent of my knowledge in tracking, trapping, hunting, and preparing animals to cook is the internet (As vast as it may be, it isn't much). If fishing; hunting for fish, counts as hunting- then I suppose I've gone hunting before! (sarcasm).

Just some information for everyone:
-I live in La Crescenta which is east of San Fernando Valley, and west of Pasadena. My town borders the Greater Los Angeles area and the Angeles Crest Mountains.
-I am 23 years old.

Thank you very much for your time. I will be looking forward to your replies.

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Here is a good beginning on

Here is a good beginning on hunting elk - http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/ElkHuntingUniversity/Pages/ElkHuntingUniversity.aspx

It will provide you with the basics.  Keep your focus and seek local hunters that will take you under their wing.  There are plenty of more knowledgeable hunters on this site and several from California.  Good Luck in your hunting efforts and growth on the sport.  Thumbs up

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welcome to the site and to the quest to begin hunting! Keep in mind that some people have great success their first hunt - others - like me - take several years of trial and error before we figured out how to bag game.

I would begin by researchiong CA's hunting license requirements. Here in NY a hunter safety class is required before you purchase your first hunting license. That class covers the basics including range time with rifle, shotgun, and muzzle loader for each student.

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