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First time elk hunt

Some friends and I are planning a DIY elk hunt for 2007. First, we want to hunt the first rifle season and we were looking into unit 14, what do you think are chances of drawing tags would be? Actually location doesn't matter too much. We just want lots of public land and first season tags. Our biggest concerns is that we don't want to run into to many hunters, even if it means a less of a chance at elk. I guess that is why we were looking at 14. Our plan was to find the largest chunk of public with a decent chance at elk. Is the first season the only chance at a either sex tag, from what I read the second and third season are for cows and the fourth season is either sex tags that are left over from the first season. So if we don't draw tags for the first season are we left with just a chance at cows?


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First time elk hunt

Welcome to BGH! Big smile

Though I've spent time in unit 14, it hasn't been for hunting, just fishing during the summer months. I'm sure there are other folks here that could help you out with that unit.

Second season is typically the busiest season, so you will have lots of hunters to contend with on public land. If you're able to get off the road a ways and hike in, your chances will be better at getting away from the crowds.

You should be able to buy bull tags over the counter for 2nd and 3rd season. Cow tags are by draw for all seasons. First and 4th season you could try drawing for an either sex tag. I'm looking at the 2006 regs, I don't believe the 2007 regs are out yet, but they should be the same.

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First time elk hunt

Just a quick look shows a quota of 213 tags for first season cow tags.
There were 35 non-residents that used with zero (32) or one (3) to draw that unit.

So I'd say you have a good chance of drawing that unit with zero NR preference points.


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First time elk hunt

First of all Welcome to BGH! Big smile Here is a link to the DOW website and it'll help you with the draw odds and success rates.

If you want to be isolated, you might want to consider the South San Juan Wilderness area.

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